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The Siddha & Ayurveda system is one of the oldest Natural Medical System in the world. It is a holistic system which was flourished in south India. Sage Agasthyar is said to be the father of siddha system. The term 'siddha' was derived from the root word 'siddhi' which means spiritual perfection or to become one with the supreme. This is the highest goal of life.

Siddha system is the first system to emphasis, health is the perfect state of physical, psychological, social and spiritual component of human being. 'Kayakalpa' is the unique feature of siddha system, that means keeping the body as strong as stone which is not affected by disease and ageing process and thus helps for the longevity of life.

Our system (siddha system) is the best natural medical system ever know in this world,based on spirituality. Traditionally our diagnosing method is 'Naadi' perception (diagnosing diseases by checking pulse variations) 'DETOXIFICATION' is one of the best treatment method,we are using in our system. The other best diagnosing method using in our system are sparisam (touch), naa(tongue), niram (color), mozhi (speech), vizhi (sight), malam (bowl) and moothiram(urine).

The best thing is PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE our traditional texts mainly focusing on this particular thing. We assure 100% satisfaction for our patients.

We have traditional knowledge from our great ancestors so we are confident to give the best treatments for our patients. We have the best treatment for muscle problems, neck problems, joint problems, skin diseases, back ache, head ache, stomach disorders etc... 

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